Step 1 in the idea of "message creation" that effectively deepens relationships with important people at the cost of one coin.

About me · 01/24/2019
014: A year has passed since I made a sticker. It is a record of looking back on 2018.

Phrase sticker · 01/06/2019
013: I made a phrase sticker. In the upload this time an error occurred and I was very impatient. Record the countermeasure etc. at that time.

Phrase sticker · 11/17/2018
About the size of the phrase sticker. Together with the previous article, It is a page you would like us to read before purchasing a sticker.

Phrase sticker · 11/14/2018
About using phrase sticker. It is a page you want to read once before buying a sticker.

Character sticker · 09/12/2018
On the notification that the stop is applied to the character sticker It is easy to summarize. I will keep trying while changing my point of view and having fun.

Character sticker · 09/12/2018
I briefly wrote the circumstances when I made a character sticker. It is fun to shape the image while trial and error. I want to devote time to creative little by little.

Character sticker · 09/12/2018
It is a story when I uploaded a sticker. I am making a sticker and also about colors such as gold and silver I could have time to think a lot.

Start up · 09/12/2018
It is an impression when the sticker was sold for the first time. Whether it is digital data, I felt that it was immediately connected beyond the distance of the country.

Start up · 09/12/2018
I wrote a procedure until I can make a sticker. What I actually try is to repeat the procedure It means "It will be several times faster than the first."