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World idea 1


NPO donation 2.0






I hope someone will put this idea into shape.



A world where no one is left behind

I also hope that the world is sustainable.



[Let's do what we can until humans are finished]



We are often asked about SGDs and ESG investment.

We are under pressure to make a rapid shift from the "mass consumption society" that has developed over the last 100 years.



Of course, we don't know when humans will "end", but

I don't think many people doubt that we must be able to create a new social form.



The number of human beings will surely increase to about 10 billion.


The world from here

I feel that the only option left is "to survive together or to die together".


As if you were at a fork



inside that

I hope that new trends such as SGDs and ESG investment are being created.


However, it is a flow of money rooted in "economic activity".

I think that there is an aspect that it is difficult for money to go to the "non-money part (not profitable)",



We believe that humanity has the wisdom to spend money on the environment and sustainable technology.



However, there are areas where money is difficult to turn around.


To solve that "money is hard to turn, but an important issue"

I think there is an "NPO / NGO".



The question is whether we can create a system that actively allows money to go to the NPO / NGO.

You have thought about it in the first place.



"NGOs / NPOs" to solve people's anxieties, dissatisfactions, and problems at the grassroots

We need a way to spend money on "basic research," which will be the basis of human knowledge in the future.



It is necessary to realize that we are supporting "organizations that carry out activities to enhance the sustainability of the earth."



We also need to feel that we are useful and participating.




[Outline of idea]


In a nutshell


Why not make a "fund-style app for distributing funds to NPOs and NGOs that are common throughout the world"?



It's a "sustainability-focused subscription."




As a whole,



From the App, the amount of about 0.05 to 0.1% of the average income of people in each country (the amount of about one meal),


It is a mechanism that can automatically and continuously donate by turning on the "donation" switch of the app.


Of course, if you turn it off, donations will stop.



You can select the "category" for the "NPO / NGO you want to support" at the end of the donation.


Environmental issues, human rights, energy, improvement of public health, basic research and new technologies.


It is a form of selecting the field you want to support.




"Donated money" is


1: Managed by a fund


2: Distribute the money earned from dividends to NPOs and NGPs


3: The ratio to be distributed to each distribution destination is based on the ratio of the "category you want to distribute" selected by each individual in the App.


4: Individual distribution destination NPOs / NGOs are selected by an "expert committee (university professor, etc.)"




"People who donated"


1: Incorporate a mechanism that allows the donated "achievements" to be visualized as a score

(To be able to synchronize with the format linked to the score database established by each country)


2: Visualize the percentage of people who donate based on the amount of "0.05 to 0.1% of average income" for each country


3: The supported organization submits a "report" and


Those who raise money will receive "Good News," which shows how the supporting (category) organizations have contributed to sustainability.



"Groups that received support"


1: Accept that activities are measured according to "operational efficiency standards" set by experts


2: "Operational efficiency standard" will be used as an index for the operation of NPOs and NGOs that will be established in the future.


On top of that, we will receive funding.






Even experimental NPOs and NGOs


If we can "measure score data" that everyone can use,

The accumulation of such information should help the "next development of humankind."


Scores and data are shared property of everyone

I think it is efficient to use it in the next approach.



Making it easier for NPOs and NGOs to start up

Some kind of mechanism is also necessary to arrange it.



Even if it is small at first, everyone supports NPOs and NGOs

I think there is a future that will change if there is a mechanism.





[Platforms and incentives]




Despite the fact that there is a platform that everyone in the world uses in common


That each NGO / NPO is soliciting "donations" separately

I feel strange.



I personally don't like "how to solicit emotional donations" such as UNICEF.

Instead, I want you to show how the world has changed in an easy-to-understand manner.




Regarding donations, create a mechanism to collect them all together,


A mechanism for managing funds and distributing the managed funds to NPOs and NGOs

It should be possible to provide more stable funding by making it.




I think you should use the platform.



If there is still time until the end of humanity, that's fine.


The problem is "when I didn't have time", right?

I can't say I didn't make it in time.



The effect of accumulating time


It is better to create a system that can be used by NPOs and NGOs

I think it's interesting.




Naturally when using the platform

"Money" will fall on both Google and Apple.


For me, that's fine, and I think it should proceed.



Instead, there should be some incentive for everyone who promotes this activity.


Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft should be able to make a reasonable amount of money if they promote their activities.




Including various companies and individuals

"If you promote this activity (recommend it to others), you will continue to get some incentives."


I think the shape is desirable.







This activity transcends national boundaries

It must be something that you can agree with.



There is no economic activity before humans are gone

We need a mechanism to convey common understanding politely while strongly presenting the grounds to people.




[A substitute for money]





"Acts that are not profitable"


If it is said that it is a "meaningless act" in human life

That is, of course, "NO".



There is a clear meaning such as planting trees.

However, if you don't have money, you can't live, and if you can't live, you can't plant trees.


So how do you get the money?


We should create an environment that makes it easy to objectively explain the "meaning" of money distribution.



Therefore, it is necessary to develop the "score".

It is a score of the role as a proof that money can be distributed to this person.




It's a visualization of "scores, numbers, and data."


Because the equipment for tracking is well developed

If an expert clarifies the measurement method


A scale is given for various things

Given a scale



It should be possible to give it the "necessity of distributing money".




Numerical value for improvement of social problems (stress value, satisfaction obtained from life, etc.)


Numericalization of environment and sustainability (values for the environment when manbrove was planted, etc.)






The general public can also learn the concept of score through tools

By touching the "entity" of the activities carried out by the donated NPO / NGO,



I think we can get a stronger "meaning of turning money".

You may also consider launching a problem-solving project yourself.




[The basis of sustainability]



Especially for "education", I think it is necessary to have a system that is proactively funded.


I think education will increase the "sustainability of all humankind."



What do you need for a land without education?


Infrastructure and mechanics.


Food and foundation of life




Electric power




Devices such as PC


If you can support here


I feel that we will advance to a society where everyone can live together most for the future of human beings.





After that, the content of education is


When you can really help the people who live there now


It may be said that we were able to update the mechanism of capitalism a little.




[Foster a sense of participation]



As one of the important things in life and in happiness


It is important to get the feeling that you were actively involved.



Many people should think it naive.


I want the world to be as good as possible.


If you want to give it to your next child, I want you to have a "sustainable world for humankind."



Make one donation continuously, even if it is a small amount




A category that entrusts you with the desire to have a good world

It should make a lot of sense to choose and donate yourself.


I think that the "sense of participation" will foster motivation to change society.



It should also affect the way you see the world you are living in.




[It is more important to recognize that there is a universal system than the amount of money]



We are in an era where all the world is connected by technology.


In other words, we are in an era where "world problems" are connected to the problems of our lives.



For problems that cannot be solved by one company or one country


For those who try to reduce the risk of the problem and solve it


There is a mechanism to "continuously hand over funds".



I think that the recognition itself has the effect of giving people a sense of security.



of course,


Over time (as the fund grows)


It is important to steadily increase what you can do,


First of all, I think the fact that there is such a mechanism is important.




That's all for today


Next time, what should I think about when making this?


I will think at my own pace.



If there is already such a mechanism in the world


Please let me know.



Grow a little imagination with me and you.

Thank you.