【Step 1】 Why do relationships with family greatly affect life?

(1) The most basic knowledge in life.

Rather than simply knowing lots of things,


Who knows "What is really important"


Do not you think that "I can use valuable time of my life" in truly important things?

Harvard Adult Developmental Studies Over 75 years,



About "the biggest factor that affects happiness"

There is an answer derived from the scientific approach.



that is,



"The quality of human relations with familiar people is the most important thing,

It is a major factor in determining the happiness of our lives. "



That is one conclusion.




In other words, what this conclusion means is that,

It is very important in various scenes everyone wishes in life

It is also to say.


For example,


· When you enjoy life and want to live better


· When you want to earn more money


· When you want to relax and have a sense of security


· When you feel more rewarding and want to do a good job


· When you want to live healthily for a long time


· When you want to have confidence in your inner more


· When I want to live with a more excited feeling


· When you want to live feeling more thankful




At such time



"Familiar people" Parents, brothers, family members, friends, colleagues, etc.

"Quality of relationship" with people with deep connection is the key to improving the quality of life.




In concrete terms what to do,

The answer is to "show pure attention to the partner".



· Send appreciation words


· Ask for up-to-date situation


· Tell them that you think about you



Sending such a message by looking at it is extremely effective.



To express pure attention in a form.



Here is a quotation from "Report on Harvard Adult Developmental Studies".



According to Professor Robert Waldinger, director of Harvard adult developmental research,


In importance, one thing seems to be winning all the others.




"The point that this 75-year research clearly shows is that good human relationships will enhance our well-being and health, which is the conclusion."





In an environment where a reliable person is nearby,


The nervous system is released from tension,

The period during which the health of the brain is preserved becomes long,

It is effective to relieve heart and body pain,


This research is clarified.



In addition,

Those who feel loneliness have declined physical health quickly,

It also clearly shows that the tendency to be short-lived is strong.



"The important thing is not the number of friends.

It is not whether there are contacts or not. "


Professor Waldinger says.


"It is the quality of human relations with familiar people."







(2) Three reasons why human relations with families and familiar people are important.

If you receive this message from an important person to yourself,


"I want to cherish this gift all the time"

I feel happy and feel affection.


Thinking of yourself,


It seems to me that I feel appreciative of what I tried to deliver my thoughts by using time for myself.



When I felt again the connection with important people,

My heart is warm and I feel happy.



That feeling enhances the quality of "human relations".



Good language and daily behavior,

It will be important memories and will foster 'relationships'.



Although we tend to forget about it,


You can take action to "nurture" relationships.


Relationship with important people,

There are three important reasons for their own psychological reasons



1: Desire for belonging / desire for approval is satisfied


2: Self-emphasis increases


3: Self image is improved



These three are not separated but like one cycle

It is connected.


It is a factor that "mutually satisfies us" from any viewpoint.



And as these three factors increase,


People become positive feelings to want others to "do what they want", vitality is born, they actually have a positive influence on the surrounding people.




Experience of feeling great stress by human relations,

I think that everyone has it.


"Good human relationship" with the same strength effect,

We will psychologically remove stress from us physically.




Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends & Influence People"

The importance of improving the relationship with familiar people is summarized.



This book is selling over 15 million copies worldwide,

It is an ultra-best seller that continues to sell even now after nearly 70 years since its release.



If you are interested, please read it.

There are lots of things to be helpful.



Even if the times change, it will not fade away,


On the fundamental "behavior" of human beings


It is one book that will be explained politely.

(3) To maintain good relationships.

It is important to keep showing interest and respect regularly.



The more familiar people


Thanks words saying "Thank you"

Words of labor, words of cheering etc.


You tend to forget words that show respect to your opponent.



Even at least once a year "at the time of the event"

Please send a message and see.



Because now it lives in a world connected online,

The custom of showing "pure attention" to someone who is important

It may be more valuable.




Next time is a proposal on "Expression method".