014: Looking back on 2018

【Things learned through sticker creation】


In case

A whole year has passed since we started making stickers.



What is learned through sticker creation,

I thought about it again, so I will keep it in the record.




In conclusion,

I think that it seemed to be able to better understand "How to keep your feelings sustained" better than before.


The ability to overlook the progress of the situation without hurting the results

It was a big harvest that increased more than before.




If you try to do things you have never done,

It will take some time for some "results" to come out.


In case


In the process of doing so,

It is usual that there are good and bad things.


I will go forward without being able to read honest time. In case


In case


This time, this first "character (alphabet)"

By selling 6 types of stickers,


In case

I think that it took about 9 months in total.




In case

The next "greeting sticker" (everyday phrases such as thanks)

It was completed in less than 2 months to sell the same six kinds of stickers.


In terms of the same process,

The work speed is getting faster and faster,


I was able to grasp the volume of work more sensuously than before.




When the whole process is performing a large work,

Although there was no big return suddenly,


To be satisfied with small progress is

It is said to be "a very important sense" as we continue to grow things

It was a very good experience as I was able to feel it.

In case



By the way,

There are many things I remember for the first time throughout the year.


In case


■ I used Adobe's Illustrator for the first time.


■ I made a website for the first time.


■ I wrote a blog on a continuous basis for the first time.


■ I upgraded the sticker to the App Store.


■ I uploaded a stamp on LINE.


■ I made a domain for the first time.


■ The content that I made for the first time was sold.


■ I noticed that learning by "video and sound" while working was efficient


In case


For now, for now,

Thankfully I feel that it was "Good Try" again.


In case

【To be patiently preserved】


In case


When starting a sticker,

I started thinking slowly and trying to do it until it is shaped.


In case

The world of the Internet,

There are places like it must be done quickly,


In case


The entrance entered with a slow feeling,

I realize that it is good to gradually increase the efficiency.


I think that it's not too late to start anything.

I think that if you think you tried doing it from years old, you should try it.


In case

If I remember something that "point of view"

It will give us a view of something different from usual.



What is important in my case is,

Anyhow "things not to compare with people".


I feel that it is going to be a pace to my own pace.



If it is better to compete personally with other people,

I definitely think so.



If it gets harder than other people,

To realize that my pace is getting better compared to "myself yesterday" or "myself a year ago".


Looking back on a regular basis.


In case

If you can continue tenaciously and habitually without being able to do it quickly

I think that is one way of progressing.


Let's proceed in a way that suits you. In case



so, that's it for today.


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I am grateful to google.