013: Phrase sticker (3/3): On handling when not proceeding with error

013: Phrase sticker (3/3): On handling when not proceeding with error



2018 October 18

I was able to submit a new "phrase sticker" to the AppStore review.


This time I had a hard time uploading to AppStore.


Make a sticker design with Illustrator,

As usual I uploaded with the development application "Xcode" for development,


Do not proceed from the "Authenticating" screen,

An error message appeared after about 10 minutes.


"Failed to download Xcode, it is broken"

It was an error with content of saying.




Well. I was in trouble.



It is truly impatient if errors always come out that what I always did.

I feel dark feeling as if the computer is broken.



Immediately after "iphone Xs" was released as a time.

Just "New OS" has just been announced by Apple.


I think that compatibility may not be suitable due to system update.




Tentatively, restart.

Of course I will not improve.



Here's a solution by investigating the solution.


And what I understood,

Again it means that you need to refresh the part of the PC where the problem is occurring.



So I was afraid but I did the work as follows.


1: Delete "Xcode" per related file with AppCleaner

2: Launch in safe mode and erase the cache of PC

3: Mac OS update (Mojave)

4: Re-download "Xcode"


Start working before going to bed,

I resumed work after getting up in the morning.



As conclusion,



It took about 8 hours in total, but it took a sticker

I was able to upload it to the AppStore.



Screens uploading "Xcode".

In the place where the error occurred, I thought that it would go with praying feeling.


It was really nice progressing well.



I think that trouble will occur from time to time,


Because it is Apple to renew technology through updates

The biggest thing you can do as a user,


In order to be able to instantly "initialize the hardware" at the time of emergency

Keep your data securely and individually.


I thought that this is more important than anything else.



Make Mac OS "Mojave" obviously download speed of "Xcode"

I got up at a stretch.


This time,

By updating the "Xcode" side before entering a new OS,

I am wondering if some compatibility no longer matches.



Aside from that,


Japan has come to a whole fall,

The temperature has declined.

The cold season will come.



There are many really big typhoons this summer,

In recent years many "disasters never experienced" have occurred.



The climate is fluctuating greatly all over the world,

I think that there is a phenomenon which has never experienced in various places.



In order to secure each family firmly,

Let's go do our best.



This sentence is translated by "Google translation".

I am grateful to google.