012: Phrase sticker (2/3): <important> About phrase sticker size 2 types

This time is about the size of the phrase sticker.


It is a very important page.


Before you buy this page together with the previous article

I appreciate it if you can read it.




There are two "sizes" in the phrase sticker.


1: Normal size

(Sticker pack made up of 40 phrases)



6 kinds of color: gold · silver · black · black frame · blue · red

2: Big size

(Sticker pack made up of 11 phrases)



Two types of color: gold and silver


"normal" and "big sticker"

It is exactly the same design, simply the size will be different.



By the way, the big size actually tried to make six colors,


I received an indication from Apple that "design is same and confusing!", For the time being, it is the development of "only gold and silver".


I think honestly.

Indeed, thanks for being able to release just gold and silver!




Please compare the size of the sticker below.

1: Comparison of sticker sizes when sending normally


Just below the letters of "thank you"

"Normal size phrase sticker"



The bottom is "big size".


2: When you put it on a photo normally,


Comparison of sizes when large display with pinch out to the maximum

that's all.



We hope you can utilize it in various scenes by all means.


Thank you.