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I will write about how to use phrase sticker this time.


It is a very important page.


Be sure to read "How to use" on this page before purchase,

Please feel free to purchase a sticker if you feel that you can use it.



As a first feature,


This sticker is to put "40 phrase stickers" in one pack,

Each sticker is very small.


Therefore, as a second feature,


On the photograph, it becomes basic usage "to use it as big".




I would appreciate it if you could refer to the following procedure.

How to use phrase sticker

1: Select the base photo.


(Palm photograph etc)

2: First, I will send the picture of the base to the other party.

3: "Long press" the phrase sticker you want to send next.


(It looks like the sticker floated up.)

4: Move the phrase sticker to "Position to paste" in the photo.


(Since the sticker is small, it is hard to see because it is hidden by the finger.)


5: "Keep pressing" with index finger,

If you trace the touch panel from the inside to the outside with the middle finger of the same hand, the sticker will be displayed larger.


(You can also pinch out with the opposite hand while holding it with your forefinger.


(By the way, stickers will rotate as you strok to rotate the sticker at this time.)


6: When you release your finger, the phrase sticker sticks to the photo.

It seems like this from the sent party.

that's all.


I would be happy if you could use it in various scenes.



This sentence is translated by "Google translation".

I am grateful to google.