010: Character sticker (3/3)

【Warning that there is doubt of spam】


Character stickers are common to all patterns,


· Uppercase alphabet

· Lower case alphabet

· Special Latin letters


It consists of three patterns.


Create a seventh floral character sticker,

Special Latin letters of the third pattern have been updated to the App Store.


If I thought that the reply was late,

A reply came from Apple at the dawn.


In detail,


"I have uploaded almost the same stickers, and I suspect spam.

For that, we will ask for reconfirmation of the contract. It was a notice written the reason why I did not go through the review of "It was not.



Looking at the notice, thinking for a while and thought

It certainly was to say that Apple's correspondence is correct.


There are three reasons why they felt right.



<1: The fact that the "quality" of the sticker is actually decreasing>


Than six types of stickers uploaded earlier,

It is a fact that the quality actually declined.


Based on the stickers made in the past,

It has become a specification with an arrangement and it can not be called an "original work"

I thought that would be true if judged.


For that reason, it took even more time and effort in the future

When I made "a character sticker that can be called the original"

I will try to apply for it to Apple again.



<2: When other people imitated, it was necessary to reject it as a future case study>


This is totally true,


In the unlikely event, the creator of multiple stickers in different areas

When making a "low quality character sticker" and asking for a review,


If a lot of stickers of low quality flow into the App Store,

The iPhone user will drop "trust in the App Store".


As a result, all application developers will lose motivation,

This will lead to lower overall quality.



Therefore, it is necessary to reject stickers that can not be called "original".

It is definitely a correct response.



<3: Presentation of alternatives>


There was a suggestion of an alternative in that notice.


As expected, I thought that I was "I see," by the way I feel like Apple,

The contents are as follows.



If you want to release "color different character stickers" in large quantities,

Developing photo processing applications etc. by myself, within that "in-app billing" method

I'd like to sell lots of 'letters'.





To me that has only skill that touched the image software for the first time,

Application development at the moment is impossible.


I am not a programmer,

Since it is an operator of a call center, you can not make an application.



What I thought was amazing is about notification from Apple.


It is not just a caution but a dialogue when coming here.

Although it is one of the world's largest enterprises, I thought that correspondence is detailed.



Yes, indeed this method,


Without flooding the extra sticker data on the App Store,

Efficiently "use various types of character stickers, have letters on photos and enjoy them"

There is a possibility that you can achieve the purpose of.


Even if impossible right now, studying either

I think that I will challenge if I gain skills that I can make applications.



【Next sticker】


I'd like to try digging down the content "character" a bit more.

I also want to make a character sticker for my mother tongue (Japanese).


Moreover, I think that I will shift to "picture" a little earlier.


see you.



This sentence is translated by "Google translation".

I am grateful to google.