009: Character sticker (2/3)

【About 6 kinds of sticker】


I wrote about gold and silver last time, so I will write about other stickers.


3: Black sticker

4: Black rim sticker

5: Light blue sticker

6: Red sticker



For 3 black stickers,

I made it because it was cool if I made it dark while making "silver sticker".


So at first I thought about trying to name it "Black Silver"

Since it imagines the oxidized silver which became black, it has decided to "ink".



The image is important, it is safe to say that all of human reality is born from "image".


Specifically, "image in the head" changes heart rate, human beings sweat and become calm.

People are reacting to "the image for that subject" than the subject itself in front of me.


Each image in one's own layer forms a layer,

I am making up the event that happens in front of my eyes.



There are also images in letters (words).

"Ink" has long been an image of "recording" itself.


It is synonymous with connecting life.



By the color and size of the letters, the image transmitted to the partner changes.

I think that the black sticker was really good to upload.



4 sticker with black edge,

To tell the truth, I like the six of the best stickers.



This was first named "Raven Claw".

It is the name of Harry Potter's dormitory, but somehow I heard that the sound was good so I did so.


However, as a matter of course,

In response to pointed out to Apple that there is the possibility of being in violation of copyright, we have changed the circumstances.


Anyway, if you say why you like this sticker the best,

That is "uniformity of size".



As a part we must apologize to you for your honesty,

The other five stickers could not fully align "alphabet size".


Whether "d" is a little small, "w" is a bit small

Although it is slight, it looks like the character size can not be balanced.


It would be nice if it could be regarded as originality by that.



Regarding this fourth sticker,

From the beginning I wanted to create a sticker for "character surrounded by a frame" and worked on it.


The best thing after being completed is that,

When I arrange the letters, it means "It is tightly fit and good fit".


It is easy when arranging characters.



The fifth light blue sticker,

In fact I thought about making "character of ice" and it turned out to be "water sticker".


I just made it so beautifully and it is my favorite.



The sixth red sticker,

I could do it if I thought it was interesting if you put patterns on the letters.


The first thing I imagined was "rose flower"

When it became metallic it became "Iron Man" so I thought it would be fine and made it complete.



[Sticker Series]


In fact there is a "character sticker" I want to make even more,

For now, my "character sticker series" is over here.


Next time I will tell you about my neighborhood,

I think I will move on to the next sticker series.


see you.



This sentence is translated by "Google translation".

I am grateful to google.