008: Character sticker (1/3)

【First round finished】


Since I first used iPhone 's sticker function,

I thought it might be interesting if I could paste "letters" on the picture when I felt like it.


So, I made a character sticker and saw it,

When I first uploaded a golden sticker to the App Store and the review went through,


"Oh, it's possible to sell."

I thought it was Fifty Fifty as to whether I would go through honest review.


To tell the truth,

Firstly uploaded "golden character stickers" have already been deleted,

The gold color character sticker being uploaded now is "second generation".



When I first uploaded a gold sticker,


Actually, "How many stickers can you put in one package?"

I did not understand well. I will do my best as I will upload it for the time being.


After that, when I tried it with a silver sticker,

It turned out that about twice the number of stickers can be stored in one sticker pack.


I was able to put about 50 character stickers in roughly one sticker pack.

So I decided to rework a golden sticker soon afterwards.


The same amount of money would be better if it is less.




For now, there are "7 types" of character stickers in all.


1: Golden sticker

2: Silver sticker

3: Black sticker

4: Black rim sticker

5: Light blue sticker

6: Red sticker


7: Flower pattern sticker

(8: Yellow frame sticker)



For character stickers,

I am thinking to continue selling "six kinds of designs" mainly from 1 to 6,


Any further design (because of intention from Apple)

I am thinking in the direction not to put out until a very good design can be made.



The first group of works "character stickers" will be temporarily closed.

I will write stories about it next in the next article.



[Gold and silver]


There is a culture called "gold succession" in Japan.


Without throwing out the broken "dish of a pottery and a cup" etc.,

It is repaired with lacquer, etc., and "gold work" is given to the joint seams to create a new art piece

It is a pottery restoration technique of the idea of enjoying.



Disposable plastic products are full of life.



Even if all is impossible at once, using the wisdom of the past predecessors

I think that the idea of reborn "throwing things" into completely new works is important in future times.



Silver spoon is the thought of a parent wishing that a child can live healthily.

Happiness is always in front of us, even if it is gorgeous and luxurious.



Gold and silver are the colors that entrust the wish that people can continue shining.


I wish you a better time for all of us.

see you.


This sentence is translated by "Google translation".

I am grateful to google.