007: Start up (5/5)

【First sticker sold】


Thank you for having you read this long text.

Finally, I will write about when the sticker sold for the first time.



One day about two months passed after uploading the sticker for the first time to the APP Store.

Mail came from Apple to my iPhone.


It is a short sentence with the content "Financial Report has been updated."


Oh, I probably sold it. I thought.



However, the APP Store has as many stickers as the number of stars.


I thought that it will not sell for at least several months since I released stickers

I will suppress expectation within myself as if it is not sold.



From the developer administration page on the web called "iTunes Connect"

Click the item "Sales management".



Number of App units 2


I am selling! 2 Sticker.

It's written as 2 dollars.



I got 2 dollars!

I am very happy.



The one who first bought me was an American.

The second is Norway.

Afterwards, the third person who bought me was a Frenchman.


Thank you very much.



In Japan there is a legend that "Fukui lives in the first stuff".

I hope the people who got the sticker in this initial stage have happiness.




We will continue to create "stickers" at my own pace.



Next time, I will write the impression of the "character sticker" that I first made briefly.

Please read and see if you are interested.



【New era】


Now asset construction has come to be done in the world of PC data.


Long ago, I got a rough objective understanding of wealth by what I can see, in a car in a big house.


Now in the virtual world each person has their own world.



It is now time for individuals to "send out" the world.

It is a change I did not even think about when I was a high school student.


In the first place

I did not have a cell phone and I was calling on a fixed phone at home.


It is an era of change.


Only if the change is steep, exaggerate the power of the body,

I feel that it is better to leave the place to leave.


If change can not be avoided,

We should consider how to enjoy.



Now I am thinking about people behind the sea in front of the PC.


It is interesting to make your own world in PC little by little.

In Japan, like people like "garden bonsai" and "Japanese garden", everyone likes to express the world view in small space from long ago.



In the end, I think that the balance between "the world inside the PC" and "the world that happens to be asleep" is important.


Let's sleep well and let's eat as much as possible.

Please take good care of yourself and spend as much time as possible with your family as much as possible.



see you.