006: Start up (4/5)

【Procedure until you can make a sticker】


Even from a state I do not know at all

"IPhone sticker" can be sold at the APP Store.


Computer knowledge,

It is about Microsoft's Excel beginner.


Since I have never used image software,

I also used Adobe illustrator for the first time this time.


Since it becomes a thick manual as it writes in detail,

Write the procedure done in bullets.


I also did so, but if you do a "Google search" each time a detailed part of the way to make it,

There are people who kindly make a homepage so please look over there.





■ 1: Prepare a computer with Mac OS X made by Apple.


The new model is better if possible.

If you are an old PC, the software "XCode" required when registering to the APP Store may not correspond and it will not proceed.



■ 2: Connect the PC to the Internet.


Uploading is impossible unless it is connected to the Internet.



■ 3: I join the "Apple developer program".


It is $ 99 / year. It is a license required to sell at the APP Store.



■ 4: Make image data of a sticker with Illustrator or the like.


I will create roughly 40 pieces of image data of "300 pixel x 300 pixels".

Image data of completed png will be compressed by WEB service such as "TinyPNG" etc.



■ 5: Download "X Code" to PC.


Available for free at the APP Store.

I will make a sticker using this software, but it is almost automatically done to make the image "sticker pack".



■ 6: Prepare your own website.


The homepage can be made with free web service such as "Jimdo" or "Wix".

Anyway, it is better for the "Privacy Policy" page to be present at the time of APP registration.

It is compliance.



■ 7: Create a "certificate for distribution" using keychain access in the PC.


Aside from the detailed story, it seems to be a story that you have to be able to identify which application you made on which PC.

It is easy to make.



■ 8: Make various settings of the application from the Apple developer sign-in page.


I will give the name of the application. It is the basic setting that is done at the very beginning when making a sticker.

I created an "entry item" template for registration and made it efficient.



■ 9: Perform various settings of the application in iTunes Connect.


It is a place like a communicating path connected to iTunes & APP Store.

Register the application here and upload it to the Apple side.



■ 10: I will test the operation of the sticker pack made with "X Code".


I will verify the operation of the sticker and take a screenshot to post it on the APP Store.

When that is done upload from "X Code" to "iTunes Connect".



■ 11: Upload to Apple from "iTunes Connect" at the end.


If it passes the examination, it will be sold at the APP Store.

If the review does not pass, you will receive an announcement from Apple "Please fix here."


Apple 's review usually comes in around 24 hours.

Apple staff is a hard worker.



Perform the above contents between work,

It took me about six months in my case.



【No Power to Excite Habits】


It's just like driving a car,

Once you learn the flow you will be able to do it smoothly.



Next time, I think that it will end after writing "impression when sticker was sold for the first time" at the end of startup.


see you.