005: Start up (3/5)

【The biggest difficulty】


We purchased PC in November 2017,

It was May 2018 that I was able to upload the sticker to the APP Store for the first time.


I was thinking about how to manage it more easily,

It took me half year to take extraordinary time.


November 2017: Remember PC setup, how to use PC

December 2017: Start using Adobe illustrator

January 2018: Illustrator completed the first sticker

February 2018: Up to the fourth sticker completed with illustrator

March 2018: Up to the eighth sticker completed with illustrator

April 2018: Making a website for the sticker museum

May 2018: Upload the first sticker to the APP Store


It roughly became a way to proceed as above.



The most difficult thing before I made a sticker and uploaded it to the APP Store,

It was that I did not understand the efficient way of "pretreatment" in some places.


Even with easy operation if you remember how to do it,

If you do not understand it will not proceed.

It only takes place for the first time and really only little by little.



When becoming an adult, it gets accustomed to "being able to do it soon"

It seems tough to go step by step while searching patiently.



It stops once and checks it, repeats the pause and investigation.


Anyway, just looking at "one step" in front of you

You can immerse yourself forgetting the time.


I decided to do it over time,

When doing, concentrate on only one in front of you.


Without fearing the result,

I thought that it is the most important thing to enjoy what I do before eyes as much as possible.



【Opportunity to learn now】


I have a baby who has been born for eight months now.

She will stop even if she stops.

Even if it fails, it will not stop being standing even if it does not go well.


The upper boy is also awkward, but doing her homework,

Even though I remember it, it became possible to write letters and it became possible to calculate.


It advances little by little.

And the experience until yesterday is making me now.




It is a valuable opportunity to learn, to be able to do things you can not remember.


Now that we are in a wealthy age, "learning"

The recognition of the fact that they support the foundation of their lives is diluted.


I got used to using what someone gave me.


Electricity, computers, smartphones,

I think that it was as if you noticed video game, net shopping, home electronics, too.


Long ago, than the era when you were repairing the garage car by yourself,

It is difficult to see the causal relationship between our products and services.



It is natural for children to go to school in Japan, and I am grateful for learning first.

It is sad, but adults often feel that they are.


In fact it should have proceeded with learning the necessary knowledge one by one.

If it is a computer, it will be thrown out or give up immediately unexpectedly.



Because I need change intelligence with the times,

Learning while practicing the basic skills of IT is "I feel very good cost performance" I feel.


Because I am a novice mid 30 's,

There are things to notice.



Programming is invisible to the eye,

It is certainly possible to "assemble".


Even if it is not professional,

I think that I can go to a certain level even by self taught.



I think that it can be said that it is already there as an entity.

Google, Amazon, it does not have to return to the world without Facebook, of Apple.



"Thinking that it is an opportunity to learn now."

In the next article, I will show you the steps to upload a sticker


I will introduce it more concretely.