004: Start up (2/5)

【Each culture, each special skill】


After planning to save money in February 2017,

It was in November 2017 that I was able to actually buy an "Apple Mac computer".


I went out and went to the "Apple Store" in Ginza, Tokyo, and bought it.

On my way home I ate a little luxury lunch and came back.




When I was 17 years old.

I have studied in Australia when I was in high school.

I really did not understand the words, so I drew a picture and talked with people around me like school friends.


"Picture was my word."

Eventually I got a new award for high school in Queensland State.



Japanese like content such as comics and animation.

For that reason, Japanese people usually have many good pictures because many artists are in contact with them.


Everyone can be a little bit of a picture, a photograph, a sentence, so I hope to connect with people abroad.




While thinking about the iPhone stickers, I have come to feel strongly.


The Japanese is an island country. It is a strength that culture is distinctive.


While doing it,

For that reason, many Japanese do not become conscious of "selling to people over the sea over the country".


I felt that consciousness to sell overseas is important now.



Japanese are not good at making a platform,

Making content makes fine work fine.



(This may not be the same in Japan, not only in Japan but in developed countries, too)


In Japan, especially as the country is growing old, the population decline is visible.



It is unlikely that the population will increase in the future in Japan.


That means that "various techniques and techniques" cultivated by diligent Japanese people gradually disappear little by little

(Town factory, farm, market, food processing, Japanese restaurant, gardening, architecture, art, artisans in all fields will cease.


Thinking about the future children,

To provide content and enjoy it to overseas 'country where many young people exist'.


"Technology" is used because there is "life" there.




Even if it does not disappear immediately, while "Japanese technique" is alive,

I am deeply concerned that it is important for many overseas people to utilize the technology that Japan has accumulated.



Only things that many people think "I was saved"

I am sure that it will be the only way.



【Idea issue】


With such a comment,


Until I bought a PC in November 2017,

It was a daily routine to write a "sticker idea" at a cafe before work.


I wanted to give 100 ideas.

Drawing a line on the note, dividing 1 page into 24 frames, I wrote "Sticker's rough picture".


 (I took an idea note on a photo, it is like this ↓)



Among various ideas issued,

The first thing I decided to try as a sticker is "character sticker".


The reason is because everyone can use it.



I will write in detail next,


Forming all the ideas that I gave, such as animal stickers,

Because I do not have enough time to create it, I think that it is difficult while I live.


I just hope to make fun at my own pace.


Next time, from November 2017 until May 2018.

It is a story after purchasing a PC.



see you.