003: Start up (1/5)



IPhone's iOS 10 was released on September 13, 2016,

After that iMessage 's sticker function was announced.



I just started using iPhone and was using iPhone 6S.

I remember the speed that leads to the Internet at that time was touched very rapidly.



About half Japanese smartphone users "Iphone"

I am taking it in my hands.



Let me explain the background a little.


As Japanese people tend to be swayed by trendy products, as soon as they hear that the performance is good,

Even if the knowledge of operation of electronic equipment was low, everyone purchased an iPhone.


A sense of security that everyone has an iPhone,

It lowers the psychological hurdle for purchasing.


It will generally spread from young generation.


Better or bad, national character has appeared, Japanese people like the same as everyone, I love the basic.

In addition, it is characterized by a severe view on "product quality".




With such a comment,

As of 2018, many grandparents have "eye pad" in their hands.


Of course, "Elderly people with low IT knowledge" can not handle the latest electronic equipment.


For that purpose, in order to raise IT knowledge and "enclose customers"

"Mobile phone classroom" is opened in the city's mobile phone company and it is becoming popular.




[Let's make a sticker]


Although the introduction became longer,


It is not an overstatement to say that the penetration rate of smartphones is almost 100% in recent years,

"MessageAPP" (and "SNS") became an ordinary existence like air.



It is around February 2017.

It is still cold in winter.


I got Web news on the way home from work,

I saw the news of "iMessage's sticker function" and flashed suddenly.


I thought that "I can do it, I will make this."

The image appeared suddenly as if the bulb glowed really on the head.



Then it was shaken by the subway and returned home,

I immediately started investigating how to make an iPhone sticker.



I used iPhone 6S, I searched by google search little by little.


When translating English homepages by "Google translation" one by one,

I understood the following two things.


1: It is necessary to register with "Developer" using Apple's PC.

2: It is necessary to draw a picture with Adobe illustrator.


It seems that it will be managed at roughly these two points.



The biggest problem to start is "money".

It turned out that PC and others are going to cost about "2000 dollars" at cost.


"If you do not have money you have to save it."


Just when I am saving the full amount, the start will be about two years later,

I decided to proceed with the style of "half as savings, half as debt."



Consult with your family,

I started saving up "100 dollars" every month.



And what can you do while proceeding to solve money problems?

I thought at the cafe.



"Well, let's fix the idea of the sticker."

While accumulating money I began to do a lot of ideas about stickers.



This is the story of February 2017.

Next time is a story from February to October 2017.



see you.