002: About stickers and museums

I thought about making an iPhone sticker,

The first thing that came to mind when I imagined the homepage was the "museum".


There are patterns and patterns symbolized in various countries.


Inspired by them, they created works based on their own experiences and knowledge

A place like a collection like a collection.



I thought that it would be nice if it would be nice if children would be able to turn around looking while exciting.




First of all, it is "character sticker".


There are many things that I think are wondrous in the world,

I started to make "character stickers" thinking why character expression with texture is small.


Characters in the world, most notably "characters of sentences such as books" are mostly black and white.

It is true that it is easy to read, and I understand that there is no need to have color, among other things.

If I am too busy my eyes get tired.


Even though 'character' is burning, it should be frozen,

Now it is getting lost in paper media, letters can be dancing.


And it means that people living normally

It should be easy to use in the interaction of "ordinary message".



Regardless of whether it is meaningful or not,

To shape myself little by little thinking that you wish yourself to be more like this.


Even if it is truly modest, I am happy that I can participate in "making things".



As for the iPhone stickers, which

I think that it would be wonderful if you could create "a sticker that is pleasing to many people all over the world".





To tell the truth,

If Apple forgives me,

I will continue to make an iPhone sticker slowly until I become a grandpa.


I do not know if there is an iPhone until 50 years,

There should no longer be a future where personal devices will be lost.


Personally I like iPhones so I hope to have it all the way.



What I learned by making an iPhone sticker this time,

When thinking little by little and arranging the shape, it was to say that we will reach chitin and results.



Thinking to make an iPhone sticker,

It took about a year to actually sell it on the "App Store" after starting.


It was not until I made a sticker from there, there were various walls,

I am still in trial and error.


In my case it is a form of an iPhone sticker,


The idea of "delivering mind" to many people through the Internet,

Now the door is opened in front of everyone.



About the startup Although it is rough, that way

I will write it on the blog later, so please read it if you are interested.


People who would like to make an iPhone sticker,

I would be happy if it helps those who are thinking of starting something.



see you.