001: About me

2018 · 09

Nice to meet you, please let me introduce myself.


My name is "Masaomi Suzuki".

(Masaomi is the name, Suzuki is the surname.)



I am creating a sticker for iPhone as a hobby,

It is our site that I thought about making "homepage" and "blog" because it's so difficult.



I live in a city called Yokohama in Japan.

It is a town which is about an hour from Tokyo.


I have two children.

It is thankful for anything that the child is healthy.

The boy is 7 years old. A girl is just a newborn baby.



Japan is the eastern end of Asia, the island country on the right side of China.


As aging is progressing, grandparents and grandmothers are getting more and more,

I feel safe and I think that I am a good country.


There is a unique food culture,

The food is also delicious.


Because it is a vertically long island country,

The climate is quite different between the South and the North.

For example, there is a difference between the country of summer and the country of winter.


I am living just

It is a position in the middle of Japan.


By the way,

Because I can not write sentences in English

I translate it with the power of Google translation.

Although there may be funny sentences, please pardon it.



I usually work at a call center.

It is my job to teach various customers how to use electronic equipment.


Iphone stickers are making little by little on the day off.



I have played backpackers at the age of 19, 20.

While painting and selling and adding travel expenses,

I have extended my reach from Australia to Nepal.


Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore,

Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India, Nepal.

I touched on various cultures and events.


20's to 30's,

I did various kinds of work and went to various places.

I lived in various places from the north to the south.


Although I have no money,

I could face things I want to do and want to know at that time.

I am walking a convincing way as a whole.



Japan has its own culture.


In fact there are artworks like prototypes of "Pokemon" and "Anime" made hundreds of years ago,

It seems to be highly appreciated in the art world.


Japanese people have long loved "Pokemon" and "Anime" from long ago.



I am aware of Japanese culture and past "encounter" and "learning" stickers and

I think that it would be good if I could put it in sentences.



For you who saw this site,

It would be an unexpected pleasure if it could be enjoyed even a little.



Let's enjoy each other carefully each other.