WEB site  FOR " iphone's imessage STICKER".

Texture to your feelings.


Add more colors and Impact to your "i message".


Here we are introducing

"various character sticker"


that can be used with

iPhone's i message.


Put it on a photo,

to a special person

on that particular day.


I would be happy if you could use it

as a tool to communicate feelings.


Please enjoy "character"

with various color and texture.

When can I use it?

This tool may be useful for you at such times.


· When you want to give an impressive word to an important person.


· When you want to convey strong feelings and thoughts.


· When you want to give a strong impression or when you want to surprise.


· When you want to give a slightly different impression.


· When adding words to your birthday message.


· When telling children's growth to parents.


· To convey the gratitude to those who have to convey gratitude now.



Thank you for coming.


Your words will foster your impression.


A good word says to make a good life.

You will be with good words.


I appreciate having met you today.